A BIC (Bank Identifier Code) identifies the beneficiary's bank quickly and easily.

SWIFT owns and administers the BIC system. The BIC is the same as the bank's SWIFT address.

Here are the BICs (SWIFT addresses) for divisions of the Danske Bank Group in various countries:

Danske Bank unitBank Identifier Code
Danske Bank, DenmarkDABADKKK
Danske Bank in SwedenDABASESX
Fokus Bank (Norway)DABANO22
Northern Bank (Northern Ireland)DABAGB2B
Danske Bank, LondonDABAGB2L
National Irish Bank (Rep. of Ireland)DABAIE2D
Danske Bank, HelsinkiDABAFIHX
Danske Bank, HamburgDABADEHH
Danske Bank Polska (Warsaw)DABAPLPW
Danske Bank Int'l (Luxembourg)DABALULL
Sampo Bank (Finland)PSPBFIHH
Sampo Pank (Estonia)FOREEE2X
Sampo Banka (Latvia)MARALV22
Sampo bankas (Lithuania)SMPOLT22
ZAO Danske Bank (Russia)DABARU2P

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